General Hunt Rules

For Merchants

1. Each of our hunts have specific rules, please refer to the Merchant Info notecard – Contact Evelyn for a copy of the notecard.
2. I hope you can read – the hunt info is really important.
3. Our hunts are usually suitable for everyone (unless stated otherwise ) 
4. We welcome all types of stores.
5. We must have items for all genders. If you can, make an item suitable for all genders, if you can’t, then no worries!
6. Everything in your store must have been made by you. No resellers, botters or stores selling copyright infringement items. 

7. I don’t want gacha resellers.
8. Please tell Evelyn if you’ve moved. We all hate teleporting to an empty plot then being IM’d by sales reps saying “Hi there, I see you’re interested in land, how can I help you today?”.

If you have problems contact me by IM or email (
For Hunters
1. Don’t be a twat. People don’t like twats. Treat people with respect and they’ll respect you back. 
2. You must contact Evelyn Hartshon if you find any problems.
2. Please don’t announce where the hunt item is, keep it in private IM but ONLY if the other person wants help.
3. Unfortunately we can’t stop cheaters (apart from banning and we don’t like banning people), 
4. Only ask in group chat for help if you are really stuck.