Joyeux Noel 3 Hints & Slurls

Below are the hints and slurls for the Joyeux Noel 3 Hunt. You can find images of the prizes over on the gallery page. Click HERE

  1. Katharine Littlepaws Welsh Art Gallery
    Winters Song
  2. Khargo Christmas
    Drink Stands need presents too!
  3. Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes
    Have Ieva been more joyous for the holiday?
  4. Famous
    Follow the sound of running water.
  5. Silver Oak Hollow – Magick Shop
    Check the counter
  6. Ari-Pari
    Peonies are such lovely flowers.
  7. GoodVibes
    White Squirrel
  8. The Bold Llama T-Shirt Co.
    It’s like a Christmas tree, but not. And the present is under it, but not.
  9. Timeless Textures
    Find Timeless Textures on Flickr and you’ll find the hunt object too!
  10. Goldleaf
    Up up to the jellicle layer.
  11. skip

  12. Foncé
    Do you know the meaning of ”I Purple You”? If so, find me in the center of the purple heart.
  13. Splintered Creations
    Hay! This is a great place to hide. I can see all a”round” here.
  14. Haven Heavy Industries
    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts!
  15. Magnetic
    Have you joined our group yet?
  16. skip

  17. Gallerie Meara
    I’m feeling LUCKY at the ARCHIVES.
  18. BlackCinder Mesh
    How much is that candy in the window?
  19. Hogs And Cart Wheels
    With Christmas we all enjoy our movies..
  20. Llama Inc
    Ask Dahlia the Llama out back for help
  21. ~✯Starshine Design✯~
    You can find me on the shelf near the reception
  22. skip
  23. Stonemill
    Up up to the jellicle layer.
  24. Grumble
    That looks a bit sinful!

  25. ~MystRie~
    She’s a Dangerous Woman
  26. Add-oc
    The tentacles are trying to steal the gift, hurry up and get it back!
  27. MonPetit
    The flemish princess protected our gift.
  28. AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS
    Male hint: Go to the male part of the shop and hint is: Tie, vest, formal pant….(CH) Female hint: Go to the female part of the shop: Asian Steampunk under the knee?
  29. Dalrymple Designs
    I’m hanging out with the rest of the tree decorations!
  30. Off the Wall
    A tisket a tasket I put in near a basket
  31. All by Micelf
    I’m all packed and ready to go
  32. Nefeli’s Gestures
    See you in the “Night”
  33. Christmas Memories
    Oh look at the bitter apples store so many pictures and a lovely TREE with Gifts
  34. Gemase Designs
    Only a couch potato will find me!
  35. Lilith’s Den
    Right by the entrance to Winterwonderland