Hints, SLURLS & Gifts (Hunt has now ended!)

There is no specific hunt order, you can visit stores in whatever order that you want!

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  1. !cream spagetti hair!  : In my room
  2. Banana Banshee
  3. Krystal : I gatcha! (Got’cha)
  4. Kitty’s Claws : Ar ar, me maties, I got seaweed stuck in my cap.
  5. IT! (Indulge Temptation) : I love balloons!!!
  6. .:* LOULOU&CO *:. : Take a seat and drink a tea
  7. .: Zanzibar creationZ:. : It’s hot in here, someone turn on the airconditioner
  8. Yokai :
  9. Plastik
  10. Removed
  11. {tout petit} : Gacha, gacha, gacha!
  12. M’s Avon
  13. ~CD~ Candy’s Designs
  14. Stone’s Works : Only Good Friends Will Carry Our Packages
  15. Spyralle : Take these, and learn to fly again and learn to live so free

5 thoughts on “Hints, SLURLS & Gifts (Hunt has now ended!)

  1. improlibra1 says:

    I’ve been to all these stores and none of them seem to have a hunt gift out. Some of the locations do not even have a store there at all and one location does have a store building which is completely empty and a sign saying “coming soon”. I wonder if this hunt exists at all??


    • evie says:

      This hunt does still exist. The only stores without gifts out are marked as not ready. I’ll be logging on in the next few minutes to double check locations but my Sastech database shows most gifts are out. You’re looking for a brown parcel. Hope that helps?


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