The Upcyclers Hunt

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1.reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original:“the opportunity to upcycle trash, or turn it into new products, was vast”

Hunt Information

Dates: October 1st – 31st 2016
Start Location: Koala @ The Pea
Theme: Upcycling
Inspiration Board: The Upcyclers Hunt
Merchant applications open: June 29th 2016
Blogger applications open: July 1st 2016
Merchant applications close: September 1st 2016
Blogger applications close: September 12th 2016
Hunt is suitable for everyone.
Merchant Application
Blogger Application

* Participating merchants are asked to create an item that is to be used for a different purpose than it’s intended purpose. For example, create a bathtub but put plants in it so that it’s a large planter! Clothing creators could make a scarf out of patchwork quilts, or a wall organiser using pockets from jeans.

* All genres of stores are welcome to apply, however you must be able to create something to fit this theme!

* Hunt will be in alphabetical order.

* Marketplace only stores are welcome to apply.

* Merchants will be required to join the hunt group, upon acceptance, you will receive a group invitation & welcome folder.

* The hunt will include invited stores and public applications)

* All hunt items must be your own work or made from templates. Your name must appear as the creator of the finished piece. BIAB, resellers and stores breaking copyright infringement laws will be declined immediately

* You must not rename the hunt items.

* Landmarks will not be in hunt items – slurls will be posted on the hunt blog and on an inworld notecard.

* You can provide more than one gift, however one of the gifts must be free. Any additional gifts can be between 0L – 10L (however they won’t be classed as gifts if they aren’t free)


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