Hints & SLURLS

Start Location – Koala (Pic up the landmark notecard here – no gift)
Banana Banshee
Bella Elephante Tala is the best!
!cream spaghetti hair! I’m relaxing at the corner of the room
Endless Pain Tattoos Stairs to Yellys
Dark Passions Hidden behind an addictive machine
Mignonne Think of me as if I was a spider
~Songbird~ while you’re here, maybe you’d like more makeup and blood?
Zibska Bird is the Word
Izzie’s what’s new?
MISS JEWELL Are you a Princess… or a QUEEN?

[ bubble ] Ask the Pixie, she knows!
alaskametro Go play outside – there’s balloons!
Eye Candi Apply yourself and you will be successful.
Nightmare Look towards the light.
Industrial Kitty (iK01) Look Out!
La Boheme There is nothing more welcoming than a smile.
Nomiki’s Creations OMG! Shoes! Let’s gettem’!
*KD* plants need water!
alme.  Red is the new black!
Appliers ‘R’ Us Leaving so soon? Come back again :D
[:Rad Designz:] Come on in, Grab a Paper and relax a bit!
Death Lily When the clock chimes 12
Secrets Any doubt? Just leave your message! (Set landing point. Please open the landmark and click on Map then follow the red beacon to the store)
Toax Tattoo Who was the most famous French skeleton?
Zibska Bird is the Word



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